Research Direction

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I. Subsea Production System Equipment Testing R&D laboratory

Technology research for the testing of pressure bearing, air tightness, anti-detonation, durability and fatigue for subsea production equipment such as subsea valves, subsea connectors, subsea pipelines and wellhead.

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II. Environmental and Reliability Testing R&D Laboratory

Technology research for the simulation and testing of environmental adaptability, reliability and safety for marine and ship loading equipment.

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III. Marine Cable Testing R&D Laboratory

Technology research for the testing of water permeability, structural performance, combustion performance, low-voltage and high-voltage electrical performance and aging resistance for marine cable products such as submarine cables, umbilical cables and shipboard cables.

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IV. Deepwater Oil & Gas Development Equipment and Wellbore Safety Testing R&D Laboratory

Testing evaluation and R&D for deepwater oil & gas development technology, research on the performance testing and optimization design for the working liquid of deepwater wellbore, evaluation and technical research of wellbore safety at deepwater stratum and hydrate reservoir.

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V. Ocean Energy Equipment Testing R&D Laboratory

Research on testing technology and performance optimization for equipment of ocean energy such as wave energy and tidal current energy.

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VI. Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing R&D Laboratory

Technology research for EMC and EMS testing of marine equipment.

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VII. Material Analysis R&D laboratory

Technology research for the testing of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical composition and corrosion resistance of new marine materials.

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VIII. Electrical Testing R&D Laboratory

Method research for high power test, insulation test, mechanical elevated temperature test and comprehensive environmental test of marine electrical equipment.

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