Environmental and Reliability Testing

48m³ Step Type Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Key Parameters:

Temperature Range: -70℃~180℃;

Humidity Range: 10%~98%RH

Heating Rate: ≤2℃/min


Applicable to the climate environment test.

Temperature Humidity Vibration Integrated Test System

Key Parameters:

Applicable to temperature huminity vibration integrated test.

0.6T Electric Vibrating Table and 1.4m³Integrated Environmental Test Chamber.

FunctionsOffer higher grade products integrated environmental test.

35T Electric Vibrating Table

Key Parameters:

Max Force: 350kN

Max Acceleration: 100g

FunctionsOffer professional, complete and personalized testing solutions under complex vibration environment for products of rail transit, weapons and other fields.

12T Six Degrees of Freedom Motion Platform

Key Parameters:

Max Load:12000kg

Max Angle:±30

Max Displacement:±0.8m

FunctionsTilt and swing test for ship-related product.

Horizontal Shock Response Spectrum Stage

Key Parameters:

Max Acceleration: 10000g

Gradient: 6~11dB

FunctionsAssess the adaptability and structural integrity of the test sample under impact environment, such as spacecraft explosion separation.